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About Us

Located in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, in Lower Templestowe, at the Ted Ajani Scout Hall 284 Thompsons Road, Boogiebubs specialise in Creative Dance for children aged between 2 and 6 years.

Our classes are a great way to help children release energy, connect to their own creative abilities, develop spatial and artistic awareness and be exposed to a diverse range of music.

Classes are 30mins and are done to rhymes, action songs and some commercial dance music.

Children dress in whatever they like. They could be simply barefoot with track suits or could come as superman or a fairy. Boogiebubs is all about releasing energy, having fun, appreciating music and dance whilst learning and developing coordination and confidence.

Parents are requested to join in just to help guide and create comfort for their child during their first couple of classes if needed. As the child becomes more confident, it is requested that you remain seated throughout the class.

We have two showcases per year (mid and end of year) where friends and family can come watch your little ones perform. The concerts are structured like a party, with dance games and lots of unbelievably cute performances. There is no pressure for any child to participate in the show, this is – completely optional. Routines are taught as part of our curriculum and no child is made to feel left out if they are not participating in the concert. Participation in our show does mean that the children require costumes. Teachers source costumes and provide families with an eBay link for them to purchase. We try to keep all costumes fees as minimal as possible.

Boogiebubs is founded for high energy kids. Classes are non stop, full of games, different music styles, all to keep high energy kids engaged.


We are currently running classes on Saturdays in Lower Templestowe: